How Does It Work?


Seamless and efficient process

All you need is your brain and a device

ScoutX generates a map with hotspots across the entire country.
Find a location you are near or interested in and scroll through all the
orders in that area or let ScoutX notify you. Depending on the details
of the order, you can choose to accept. Once game time is
approaching, you don’t need to worry about finding your way. We’ll
take you there! We’ll provide you with the scouting template along with a scout-assistant AI (coming soon)
to help you along the way. At the end of your report, you will have
the option to endorse/refer the player to a specific program or level.
You can utilize this feature to enhance your network and create
trusted relationships with coaches.

Anyone can do it!

Our ScoutX team analyzes your playing experience,
coaching experience, affiliations, and licensure. We then
separate you into one of three dynamic tiers. Our AI will give you a ScoutX score for each report which will help determine your
eligibility. This will be based on the quality and
professionalism of your scouting reports, as well as the
overall feedback on the scout from coaches and players.

Evaluation in all phases of the game

Transition to Attack
Transition to Defense
Personality Traits
Game Insight / IQ
Physical Attributes

Why ScoutX?

Zero marketing or prep time

It’s time for a solution that allows you to work around your hours and earn additional income
with zero marketing or prep time. ScoutX generates all your customers for you while setting
up all the materials you need right here in the app. You now have an easy way to earn
additional income in your free time while doing something you love.

We cater to everybody

Our scouts come from all different backgrounds and stages in life: whether you’re a former
college player looking to stay connected to the game, or a former coach who doesn’t have
the time commitment for a team, or a young coach looking to get your foot in the door, or an
established coach who is looking to make extra money. ScoutX is a great way to utilize your
existing network and an even better way to enhance it.


What is the cost associated with ordering a scouting report?

There are no costs or hidden fees associated with registering as a coach or scout.

How do I connect with other scouts and coaches?

You will have the opportunity to receive and request connections through our network.