How Does It Work?

Scouts To You

We provide a seamless

Simply enter the game details of your choosing and place the
order. Once you are connected to a scout you approve of, we will
direct them to your game when the time comes. Once the game
starts, the scout will use our scouting template to evaluate you in
all phases of the game.

Evaluation in all phases of the game

Transition to Attack
Transition to Defense
Personality Traits
Game Insight / IQ
Physical Attributes

Why ScoutX?

Comfortable environment and surroundings

You choose exactly where, when, and with whom you want to be evaluated. No longer will you
have to play with a mixed group of players at expensive camps where everyone is trying to stand
out. Have you ever paid a ridiculous amount of money to go to a camp where it felt like a mess
(lack of chemistry, overall level of teammates, lack of camp structure)? With ScoutX, you will
always be in a comfortable environment with a real team.

Save money, travel, and time

The cost associated with traditional ID camps can quickly add up. High school players are willing
to travel a great distance in an attempt to be identified and recruited by college coaches. ScoutX
brings the ID camp to the player, allowing them to showcase their abilities in their home

Detailed feedback

To improve as an athlete, you can’t only hear what you want to hear. If you are always praised
for your strengths, you will never improve your weaknesses. ScoutX is an affordable way for
athletes at any level to get professional feedback without having to invest in supplemental
coaching or camps. Additionally, it’s not solely about the type of feedback you are receiving, it’s
about the quality. It is rare for an ID camp to provide any adequate player feedback. If they do,
it is typically one coach responsible for providing feedback for a very large number of athletes
at once. With ScoutX, you have your own personal scout providing feedback for only you.

Evidence of your play

It’s time to let your play speak for itself. It is critical for players to understand where they stack
up against their competition. Allowing our scouts to analyze your game in person will lead to
reports coaches can trust because it is coming from reputable scouts who are completely
unbiased and using a template developed by coaches themselves. Our system will allow
scouts to endorse you, which adds credibility when you market yourself to college programs.


How old do I have to be to order a scouting report?


What is the cost associated with ordering a scouting report?

Our inaugural 2021 Fall season will be a flat fee of $100, plus an optional tip for your scout.
Spring 2022 pricing coming soon.

What happens if a report is ordered but the player does not play?

ScoutX will provide player refunds in the event of inclement weather or player injury taking place
before the scheduled game. If a scouting report is ordered, but the player does not play due to a
coaching decision, a refund will not be issued.